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The Sexuality Show

Your place for sexual fulfillment

Feb 2, 2015


Most people have some form of sexual trauma.  Be it from heartbreak, abusive relationships, sexual assault, or even surgery such as circumcision.  And many people have a general resentment towards the opposite sex due to past emotional hurts, which prevents them from having healthy emotional connections. And most people who have had abusive sexual relationships or sexual traumas do so in a pattern because they become self perpetuating and recreate themselves with new partners.  And many people who have these issues and need sexual healing do not even know about it!


But here in this Episode of The Sexuality Show from True Life Relationships we will break the vicious circle of sexual pain and give you the sexual healing you need to have a healthy active sex life!  Starring special guest Sheri Winston who is a Medical Professional and an RN, LMT, CNM, BSN as well as the founder of The Intimate Arts Center.  In this epic episode Sheri discusses all of these forms of sexual trauma and sexual healing, and how to give yourself sexual healing, as well as offer it to any partners or prospective partners you may have who could possibly have any of these issues.  This episode is an absolute must for any sexual person.  Whether you are a man or woman, and whatever you have or haven't gone through in your sexual history, you do not want to have missed out on this information when you end up needing it!